The not so accurate but could be compelling and somewhat entertaining history of The Power Hitter

1977 – The “Power Hitter” is invented. Smoking “doobies” is changed forever.

1978 – Two million units are sold. The possibilities are endless for where the Power Hitter can take the opportunity to enjoy a “toke”. Unaffected by wind, protective of water, resistant to burning, the Power Hitter makes smoking joints possible in wind, rain, sleet, and snow. The sky rocketing incidence of herpes due to disco dancing and sex clubs is curtailed by the Power Hitter which permits sharing a joint possible without sharing bodily fluids.

1979 – The political backlash against free love, disco dancing, and marijuana intensifies. So called “head shops” are closed en masse. Sex clubs go completely underground. Disco dancing becomes a lost art, giving way to the mindless and formless arm swaying, a skipping in motion dance used to interpret the vapid music culture of the 1980s.

1980s to Present – The Power Hitter is all but forgotten.

2018 – The universe begins emitting an all encompassing love vibration. The terrible darkness that has turned humans away from the unlimited potential of peace, love, and understanding, begins to lift. To aid the process, the Power Hitter makes a triumphant return as the Piff PowerHitter.